SHRM Assurance of Learning Assessment

The SHRM Assurance of Learning assessment provides students with a means to demonstrate to employers that they have acquired the necessary knowledge to be a successful HR professional. Students who pass the assessment at the Proficient level possess the basic and essential knowledge to perform HR responsibilities, and students who pass at the Advanced level possess comprehensive and integrated knowledge required to perform HR responsibilities. Achievement of the Proficient level provides students with an important advantage over other entry-level candidates who have not passed the assessment, and achievement of the Advanced level allows students to distinguish themselves even further.

The Certificate of Learning complements the students’ educational degrees and demonstrates adequate preparation for a career in HR. As the assessment continues to gain recognition among HR professionals and employers, the benefits for students will continue to grow.



If you are seeking a bachelor’s or master’s in an HR or HR-related degree program, and are a traditional student with little to no work experience other than internships; or if you are a non-traditional student entering the HR profession for the first time (even though you have work experience in a field other than HR), then the Assurance of Learning Assessment is the exam you should take.


$158 total: $75 non-refundable application fee + $83 test fee


Students will earn a Certificate of Learning at either the Proficient or Advanced level.


160 MC questions | 3.5 hours | 6 categories

Content Areas Covered on the Exam

  • Employee and Labor Relations (20 questions)
  • Employment Law (28 questions)
  • Strategy (40 questions)
  • Compensation and Benefits (20 questions)
  • Training and Development (12 questions)
  • Workforce Planning (40 questions)



Practice tests and study guides are available for purchase through the SHRMStore.


The Assurance of Learning Assessment is offered this semester Feb 15 – April 15. The application period is open now through March 5. More opportunities will be available each semester.


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