While we maintain the image as a professional organization, we do believe it’s very important for members to get to know one another on a more personal level. We really try to keep our members involved outside of a professional setting through a variety of social events like bowling and the annual Dallas Stars game.

Spring 2015

Whirly Ball | April 23

Whirly Ball is a popular game full of fun, competition, and a little bit of violence. A lot of our members were able to participate in the game, leaving only with a few bruises and laughter. Our chapter advisor, Dr. Lewis, was even able to join in on the fun only making the evening even more fun.

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Dallas Stars Game | March 6

Members of the SHRM UTD organization have to special opportunity to attend a Dallas Stars game for free! An annual event, many of the members greatly enjoy the time spent together as well as watching hockey players go at it on the ice.

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Fall 2014

Bowling | December 4Bowling

Our members had quite a lot of fun bowling other members on a cold Thursday evening. This was our way of unwinding before the finals commenced at the end of the year, and was reported a success.

Spring 2014

Dallas Stars GameDallas Stars Game | January

The SHRM crew at Dallas Stars game! Our very first social event at the Dallas Stars game. It looks like everyone enjoyed their time there.