SHRM UTD has multiple professional events that range from general meetings with guest speakers to Dallas HR luncheons with HR professionals. As an organization focused on HR professionalism, we really go out of our way to expose current members to the world of HR through these events.

Spring 2018

SHRM 2018 National Conference | Summer

Over the summer, three of our officers were sponsored by UTD to attend the national SHRM conference in Chicago! Each session consisted of conversations discussing today’s HR trends. Additionally, the main speaker was the CEO of United Airlines who provided advice to the 20,000+ HR professionals. Our three officers have carried on the knowledge gained from this conference to our local SHRM chapter.

Fall 2018

General Meeting | Jan 25

The general meeting serves as an introduction for new membersIMG_1288 and for other students at UTD who are interested in learning more about our chapter. We encourage everyone, including non HR majors to participate in this meeting. Moreover, all officers take advantage of this opportunity to establish relationships with new members and officers as well!



Young HR Professionals Happy Hour | March 7

Maintaining our connections with HR professionals is critical to the success of our members. Young HR Professionals Happy Hour was an event established to connect our members with HR professionals.


HR Round Table | March 28

Our Chapters very first HR Round table event! At this event, we invited HR professionals of all specialties; professionals in Compensations & Benefits,  Recruiting, and more. Tables were set up all throughout the rooms, and our members had the chance to connect and gain insight. Thank you to the other local SHRM members for attending this event as well!


Spring 2015


OBHR Day | April 28

At this event, we had people from SHRM UTD answer questions about what it is like to major in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources or OBHR here at UTD. This was a way to let interested students really get to know about what we actually do as an organization, the benefits of joining our organization and what Human Resources is as well for those interested in the concentration itself.

LinkedIn Workshop | April 22

Here, members learned how to make the best LinkedIn profile for potential employees to how to format certain parts of their profile. An educational and professional experience, we hope that we will be able to have more of these as the semesters roll by.

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General Meeting 3 | April 6

At this meeting, we had the fortunate opportunity to hear guest speaker Greg Hollen, who works with the Dallas HR Student Mentoring Committee.

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Rita, Vice President of HR at American Airlines Center
Rita, Vice President of HR at American Airlines Center

Southwest Airlines Info Session | March 12

This info session provided details on their NoLimits Internship program and how to apply! Our Former VP Melvin Lopez, who is currently working in the People department at Southwest Airlines, was also there to answer questions about the program.

General Meeting 2 | March 11

At this meeting, we had guest speaker Rhonda Green who works with Johnson & Johnson in the Empoyee Relations (ER) department. She gave insight into what people in ER do, as well as the personality types that would work best in the ER field. She also emphasized that you can also change your career plans if you find that what you’re pursuing is not for you.

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Dallas HR Luncheon | March 10

Some of our members represented Dallas HR and helped volunteering at the New Friends New Life luncheon. They restore and empower formerly trafficked girls and sexually exploited women and their children. Kevin Costner was the keynote speaker and Laura Bush was the honorary chair. It all was for a great cause and they raised over 1.1 million dollars that day. SHRM UTD was fortunate enough to participate in a sequential luncheon that hosted 3 of our members.

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Dallas HR Luncheon | February 10

Members of SHRM UTD had the fantastic opportunity to interact and network with current HR professionals in the Dallas region. Provided with a free lunch, our members reported that the time spent was both insightful as well as enjoyable.

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General Meeting 1 | February 9

At this meeting, we had guest speaker Thuy Lightfoot speak about her career over the past 20 years as well as her experience as a project manager. She gave insight into what project managers do as well as her experience in the different tracks of HR.

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Fall 2014

General Meeting 2
Undergrad Lounge

General Meeting 2 | October 28

At this meeting, the Halloween Fundraiser, Leadership Interviews, the Upcoming End-of-Semester Social Event, HR Southwest Conference Update with Alumni Advisor, Nathan Cory, and Meet-and-Greet our Dallas HR President-Elect Kimer Moore were discussed. Members were asked to bring a buddy for anyone who was on the fence about Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, or the SHRM at UTD, and to please invite them.

HRSouthwest Conference | October 6

Nathan Cory (former president) had a blast at Day 1 of the The HRSouthwest Conference with Andrew Espieg! He learned some great things and got to meet a truly inspirational artist and leader Erik Wahl.

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General Meeting 1 | October 6

President Sara talked about last year’s events as a teaser for what was coming up in the year. Melvin, our (former) VP, fielded questions about open leadership positions. Dr. Lewis shared how beneficial it is to be a member of SHRM. We provide networking opportunities, Dallas HR memberships, help you on the road to success. Those who didn’t work on their applications took the chance to personally ask us questions.

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