Our History: the Founding of SHRM UTD

SHRM UTD was created from the realization that UT Dallas lacked an organization that had the ability to foster professional growth for students wishing to pursue Human Resources. Nathan Cory, with the help of Chapter Advisor Dr. Vance Lewis, created the Society for Human Resources Management (a chapter of the national organization) combined with a membership to the prestigious Dallas HR.

Formed August 2013, SHRM UTD has grown in numbers as the OBHR concentration here at UT Dallas has exponentially grown as well. With over a 100 students in the OBHR program, SHRM UTD seeks out those students who wish to make the most out of their career opportunities from Business Administration majors to those majoring in Psychology. With the personal input of the founders of SHRM UTD, we like to allow their personal experiences in the process of how SHRM UTD was founded.

Founders of SHRM UTD

Nathan Cory | Sara Viklund | Melvin Lopez | Matthew Wallace 

Rahael Asseffa | Brook Wall | Kevin Boyle | Dr. Vance Lewis 

Nathan Cory

Nathan Cory - founder
Nathan Cory (left) and Eric Wahl (Right) at the 2014 HR Southwest Conference

Classification during founding year: Senior

Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

Positions: President, Alumni Advisor

Years as Member: 2 years, Ongoing

Graduation: December 2013, May 2015 with MBA/MS in SCM

 Why you founded our SHRM chapter:

In the Spring of 2013 Dr. Lewis hosted a get together for OBHR students.  After spending time discussing our goals and passion for the OBHR program, we realized that there was not a student organization on campus dedicated to connecting students with an interest in human resources.  The next day I began working on starting a SHRM chapter at UTD.  After a long summer, SHRM UTD formed and became an official UTD student organization in the Fall of 2013.

 I want the organization to continue to grow as the OBHR program grows and give opportunities not only to OBHR students, but to all those interested in learning more about Human Resource Management.  I want HR professionals to see UTD as the prime market for talent and for SHRM UTD members to have a platform to connect with professionals in the HR community and fellow students within the program.

What you enjoyed most from your SHRM experience:

Building the organization with a talented group of founding members.  Attending the HR Southwest Conference, going to the DallasHR Luncheons, and connecting with students and professionals within the HR industry.

Any additional information: While HR is a passion of mine, I received an MBA and MS in Supply Chain Management and I currently work as a Supply Chain Analyst within the Consulting division of Transplace in Frisco, TX.

Contact Information: 
I encourage all SHRM UTD members to connect with me if they ever need anything at all. Email: Nathan.Cory@yahoo.com

Sara Viklund

Sara Viklund 1
Sara Viklund

Classification during founding year: Junior

Major: Psychology; Minor: Organizational Behavior

Positions: Treasurer and then President

Years as Member: 2 years

Graduation: May 2015

Why you founded our SHRM chapter: I wanted to help other students, including myself, to provide networking opportunities with HR professionals in the Dallas and to prepare them for a future career in HR upon graduation.

What you enjoyed most from your SHRM experience: All the networking experiences, such as Dallas HR luncheons, meeting our professional speakers who we have had at our meetings, and our Videogame tournament/Fundraising.

Any additional information: I am from Sweden and moved here in September 2008 without any family or friends in the U.S. The original plan was just to stay for a year to work as an Au Pair, but I’m still here, almost 7 years later.

Melvin Lopez Jr. 

Mel Lopez Jr.
Mel Lopez Jr.

Classification during founding year: Senior (Fall 2013)

Major: Undergrad (Bus. Admin – Conc. In OBHR); Grad (MBA – Conc. In Leadership in Organizations)

Positions: Vice President from September 2013 – December 2014.

Years as Member: 1 year, 8 months

Graduation: Dec. 19, 2014

Why you founded our SHRM chapter: We had nothing that catered to the OBHR community. There were plenty of business-related organizations and clubs at the JSOM, but none of them focused on advancing Human Resources. When I was approached about the possibility of creating an organization specifically for us, I knew I needed to join in the effort. I wanted to be a part of something that would finally afford our OBHR students opportunities to network with local HR professionals, as well as provide the resources needed to catapult them into fulfilling HR-related careers.

What you enjoyed most from your SHRM experience: My fellow officers and members. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting some enthusiastic, motivated, intelligent young men and women.

What you are doing now (job title and company/ degree you are obtaining and school): I am currently a Backgrounds Coordinator within the People Department at Southwest Airlines. I am also working on my MBA.

Jindal School Students Form Chapter of Human Resources Management