Welcome to SHRM at UTD

The Society for Human Resources Management at the University of Texas at Dallas takes pride in the opportunities and benefits we offer to our members. It is our mission to serve each member and UTD as a whole by providing students the experience and resources they need to succeed in their future career. We’d like to highlight the main benefits of joining our growing organization in five simple words.


We are a professional organization within the Naveen Jindal School of Management seeking to advance the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources profession. We are recognized as an affiliate of the Society for Human Resources Management; the world’s largest HR membership organization devoted to human resources management with more than 275, 000 members in over 160 countries. We are also in association with the local professional organization DallasHR.


It is our mission to provide the resources and knowledge needed for a successful career in Human Resources. We offer several events including:

  • HR expert speakers,
  • Professional development workshops,
  • Company visits,
  • DallasHR luncheons (to network with local HR professionals), and
  • The DallasHR mentorship program (students can receive a formal local HR professional mentor).


The leaders of our SHRM student chapter make it a goal to work personally with each member. We want to be sure every member is provided with the resources they need for success, and we tailor the benefits each member will receive according to their needs. Whether it be establishing a Human Resources contact, learning about a specific Human Resources job function, obtaining an internship, updating a resume, developing leadership skills, or tutoring for a class- the SHRM UTD leadership team is here to help in whatever way we can.

Social & Active

Human Resources is all about the PEOPLE in a company- and here at SHRM, we sure do love the time we get to spend with people. We enjoy several events each year that allow us the opportunity to not only network with our fellow chapter members and peers, but also our chapter advisors, alumni, and local HR professionals. Our events include fundraising, community service, SHRM student chapter mixers, and official social events like barbeques, bowling, and WhirlyBall.